Wednesday, February 15, 2006


As I started using this service more widely, I really started to like it, so wanted to create an English version of my Blog, I won't be translating anything, but I will try to write the same information and maybe much more. Posting takes lots of my time, but content is really good, having lots of content is great. I Don't really like to plagiarize, but sometimes I need to do it, because there is no other choice.

So as you understand or maybe not if you did not read my old Blog, I will be writing mostly about software, especially free one, does not matter, closed or open source. There are a lot of software to choose from, but most of it sucks, so I will try to point to the better software, it will take time, but I hope I will succeed. Nevertheless, don't worry I will be writing about different Operating Systems, Hacking and Security issues too. ;)


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