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It still is strange for me, that there are people, who are using Internet Explorer.. or they are very lazy to change something or browsing for them do not mean anything at all, or maybe they do not understand that browsing the web can be much more comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore more secure using something else than IE. I understand that at the beginning it can be really hard to get used to something new, but when you try, you start to understand that it is much better than something you used before and you think how could you be using that bullshit before.. This time I will talk about a browser which about half year back became a free application, it is Opera, the name can sound silly, but it is like that, I don't think that names matter very much, especially if it is so popular and a lot of whom know it, because they have started their service since the year 1995.

I used to be Mozilla Firefox fan, when Opera still was a non free application, I am not saying that Firefox is a shitty software, but believe me, it is much slower, uses much more resources, more RAM and it loads slower too; large pages scroll slower, I made some tests before and Opera won even three times in some things, it is slower when you change between tabs, it really is noticeable when you are using a high resolution like: 1280x1024, besides after using Opera, QT interface got really nicer for me. I know that Firefox 2 is coming and other updated Firefox versions got better. There are rumors that those are much faster, I tried them, they are faster, but Opera still is far more superior. Telling the truth Firefox is much more powerful with all its Addons and Extensions, which really are useful, but guess what ? they slow down the application. On the other hand, everything is great if it is not using IE engine, IE in my opinion can only be used for pages which does not work in other browsers (Crappy pages which should not be visited at all) So, people make the conclusions yourself. There are plenty of other browsers that might bring your attention, for MacOS it is Safari and of course for Linux OS, best on KDE it is Konqueror, it should be similar to Explorer on Windows, but it is much better, as a matter of fact it is very very fast, I have done some CSS tests. Opera and Firefox also work with Linux, but you know what ? Firefox is slow there too.

Opera is one of the most powerful Internet applications, it does not only browse the web, but has its own IRC client, it can read Feeds, such as RSS and Atom, has an Email program, FTP browsing, powerful bookmarks and of course you can control almost everything, due to the customizable configuration/settings. If your computer is not a so called bitch computer and you're the only person who is using it, you can store your cookies, remember wand logins and watch your history. The security is great, you're fed up with spyware, viruses and all that similar bullshit which you get while browsing the net ? Opera is safe, and you can safely browse interesting porno pages, but it is a disease.. Opera has new features like SVG, VoIP support, it is the first step into the new Internet, because XML and XHTML is quite old things now, but IE seems to be so old that the support for it still is almost missing.. I think you heard about the new IE version which will be published together with the new Windows Vista ? but it just stole the features from other browsers.. Microsoft is a big company which like to plagiarise, but they know how to make money out of stupid people.

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Well as you probably saw stable Mozilla Firefox 2 and unstable Internet Explorer 7 were released, what can be stable from Microsoft? I think their echo 'Hello World'; - "Internet Explorer 7 has found an error in the execution, please reinstall your Windows Installation, you might have a corrupt version"

Anyway, I myself played with FF2 and IE7 and I can say that Firefox 2 was improved a little, is much more user friendly and simpler application/browser, but still I think that Opera is more advanced by two years, due to the new features you will see in Firefox is available in Opera today

By the way, Internet Explorer did amaze me a little, it is really a much better browser having CSS support and other stuff, but still isn't stable and has minor bugs there and there. People say that it is two times slower than Internet Explorer 6, but in my opinion I think it is 4 times slower, but nevertheless I like the engine and the way it displays pages, it looks nice, even though it is slow, only now IE has Tabs, so for a fool who doesn't know anything about computers, operating system and software and only use it to play games, music and browse such sites like myspace or yahoo 7th version of Internet Explorer is a big advantage for him, but I still read that the 7th version still has the same holes like the 6th and yeah, where the hell is the refresh or reload button?

Opera is the best and fastest browser out there for Windows OS, Konqueror for Linux KDE, Safari for Mac OS and Firefox is just quite slow and powerful for all of its Addons, but hey maybe Firefox is good in Linux Gnome, but I hate Gnome, just read about Gnome and GTK History, their developers and move to KDE or XFC.

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