Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Gaim is a multi-protocol Instant Messenger Client, it supports most of the most popular protocols, such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Jabber and of course IRC, but I would nor recommend you to use Gaim as an IRC client, due to it is not so comfortable to use it for this purpose. Furthermore, other protocols, less popular in the world: Gadu-Gadu, SILC, GroupWise and the Zephyr network. Moreover, Gaim works on most operating systems, but mainly it is used on Linux, BSD, MacOS X, but it also works great for Windows, you just need an GTK engine installed on your system. It is quite stable, you just need to know how to use it after a while, to use it as you want, there are plenty of plugins and themes written for it.

Aren't you fed up having lots of different software, which are used to connect to different protocols, that to chat with your friends or etc. ? Gaim can connect to all those protocols at one time, so you can talk on MSN and AIM without needing to load another software and use more memory, isn't this just so convenient ? I think a lot of whom were dreaming about this in the past, and so the dream came true. Eventually, this has some difficulties, different protocols has different features, but Gaim did that you could use all of the features, which other applications are offering and even until now the application is under further development to improve it. You can send files, use away messages, but there are some unique things such as notifies, sounds and much more.. it is just hard to list them. Gaim perfectly works in your tray bar, you can work with your computer, be online without the opened windows and configure everything the way you need. It is best if you have already some knowledge how to register on different IM protocols.

I am using Gaim for a quite long time now, though it was my first and last real IM client, I fully am satisfied with what it offers, what is the best, that it isn't as bad as other programs, and is a free application, open source. I know that there are beta versions, with more features and abilities, I tried - the old version is capable of doing everything I need, but oh well, we will look what will happen in the near future.

You can get Gaim from their Project Site.


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